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Of Hands, Heart and Heart

When writers find the urge to write without any inspiration, they are advised to write away. I often follow that all-important rule where the hands take the reign while the brain subconsciously whispers the right words to follow. Because whenever I try to grasp the right thought, the wind easily blows it away. It’s an unanswerable conundrum and I’m letting the unseen body of the iceberg take its toll on my hands rather than my head.


Here Comes the Millennials

They don’t have a nametag, but they’re everywhere. Millenials are sweeping through the workplace, taking over as bosses and take the part of the greater majority in the country’s electorate. This generation is on track to become the most educated one in the history, with more than 60% of them feeling responsible in making a difference in the world.

Clues, anyone?

Millennials takes up a huge chunk of population, ranging within the ages 18-33, with the oldest being born in the year 1980. Generation Y, as they are also called, are widely influenced by the change of circumstances (including the recession), the decreasing availability of natural resources (they choose to go green), and the technological boom. They are dynamic, spirited, and are socially conscious, with a vast percentage prioritizing values than monetary returns.

To them, work/life balance is more important than their paycheck; nearly a third have put of marriage or having a baby, and 65% say losing their phone or computer would have a greater impact on their routine than losing their car. This is the generation that will account for 75% of the global workplace by 2025, and attracting the best of them is critical for any brand who is yearning to grow in name and numbers.

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A Lovely Drop Of Kiss From A Wonderful Karma.

I just want to take this time and thank Guy Rotberg and the rest of the awesome Karma Kiss team for giving me a lovely Christmas box of goodies. This package was supposed to reach me on Christmas, but I’m boo, our post office was bombarded with a LOT of packages during that time. I was notified about my package by the end of February, and I can only be thankful it reached me, no matter how late it is!

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Emerging Businesses & Exhibits: Using Marketing Materials With Reputation

Branding is the core of a business and this is a fact. The image of a company is directly influenced by the type of marketing it has. It is no secret that the success of a brand greatly relies on how well it is being promoted in the market. Nowadays, consumers are starting to be more meticulous; they discern businesses according to how far these companies invest in their campaign materials.

It is no surprise that people are drawn to buy beautifully marketed products and services. This involves brightly colored packaging and eye-catching promotional materials. This is the reason why many companies are investing in quality promotional campaigns.

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