Hi, I’m Caris.


My life began when a year ended. Fireworks. Laughter. And almost, a boy’s name. A fat child. A thin girl. An adult who lived more years than she looked. Once, I bought a copy of Little Women and loved it brutally that the book tore in half. Once, I wrote novels in large spring notebooks during class. Once, I heard a choir sang my song, and once became many. Once, I decided to do the things I loved the most. I’ve been doing that ever since. Many times, I discovered that I could be good at something, but I won’t be the best. And that’s okay. Good is enough. Great is a gift.
I’m collecting life’s rocks to become a mountain. I’m learning to take up space. I’m grateful for my seasons and I am ready to become. I am inhaling it all with wonder. Small breaths, long breaths, deep breaths, keeping alive. There will be bad moments, but I’ll write them down as a map for you. There are roads you don’t need to take. I have stopped keeping score and measuring distance; life isn’t all about numbers. Or names. It’s about the familiar, mundane, everyday things. Listen, the internet is not a place to tell secrets. But, oh, I have so many stories to tell. x

I am from the Philippines. I laugh a lot and I am not very tall. I love stories. I hope you feel not alone here. x

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Tales by Trees

The healing wonders of forest bathing
There is something glorious about wandering deep into the forest; like magic, it transports you from the stress of daily life into a strange, pleasant calm.

Molecule Design

The redemption of the recycled
With the density of plastic milk jugs, experts look forward to at least a thousand years before it thoroughly decomposes into the soil.


Thirty, single, a woman, Asian
Nobody here likes it. Nobody wants to pass that bridge. When you’re thirty, the shimmer of your twenties fades away. Dread enters the floor.
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