Stay Kind

My child, stay kind; the world is an empty space
with an oversupply of hollow hearts.

Life is a journey you will not take alone
so know that some souls will forget who they are along the way
and make do with what humans stamp on their chests

“Asshole”, “Bitch”, “Worthless”, “Trash”
you’ll hear them, but
don’t let anyone write on your nameplate.
I’ve written the letters in gold
and pinned it right through your heart.

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Do It For The Hearbeats

A record of a bullied girl.

If there was one stereotype character I think I was, it’ll be the damsel in distress.

Growing up, people around me always treated me as if I was some sort of fragile creature. As if I was made of glass. I hardly ran, cussed, or got dirty. You’ve probably seen girls like me: pretty, perfect little princesses who always got their cheeks pinched, who always got praised. I was accustomed to being special, to being asked what I wanted, to be served and not move a finger. Well, of course, like an ordinary human being, I do errands at home. But outside, everyone looks at me like I was a demure angel with a halo on my head.

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Going In Circles


2 AM. Bus ride. Staring out of the window. Frilled socks. Crowds. Getting lost. Remembering names. Hugs. Zumba. Not doing it. Walks. More walks. Special mentions and embarrassments. Out of the gate. Camera selfies. Bored. Started running. Started running faster. Chatted with a DS. Went back in line. Gossip. Sitting on the floor. A fountain. Random talks. Cotton candy. Ice cream. Things to sell. Things to buy. A fluffy dog. Final call.

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