Hello Caris!


Thursday, January 15th 2015 • Poems for Nobody

Your piano is poetry and I

sing it with little fingers. Wrinkled

hands in brazen color dance

on keys like a palm-sized spider

fists that learned to be gentle only

to cradle a cigar or two

in basketball afternoons
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Facebook Fights

Wednesday, January 7th 2015 • Poems for Nobody

It’s all over Facebook, you and him

still pictures of smiling faces popping

beside scandalous phrases in a growing forum of banters

You were names making noises in an argument

that is heard beyond your bedroom door

and each word is like a slap on the face that is already red with shame.

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Hello, Cynicism.

Monday, January 5th 2015 • Poems for Nobody

I tried to make peace with myself whenever I hear your name

because it was like bad news on TV, it sounded like murder,

only in your case, you don’t have a knife;

you don’t need it.

Years pass and I soon learn that your name is synonymous with bitterness and distrust,

something that tastes like acid and boils in the mouth

and churns inside the stomach

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The Birthday Of A Ghost Who Became Human

Wednesday, December 31st 2014 • Letters To Nobody

Several years ago, I wanted to live like a ghost.

I wanted to be air; to exist but not noticed, to breathe without a sound. To sit and observe without being an obstacle. To be a thing. To stop being human. Humans are scary.

They’re born with flesh, tender and raw. But the truth is they’re time bombs waiting to explode from their innards. Humans are their own destruction. I watched them seethe with anger and greed and envy and desire and burst into dire passion. I see them nibbling ears and gnawing necks and slowly, friendly bites turn into large chomps as they eat each other up in a whole. I look at them as they pass with their souls silently dying away, thinking that they’re placed in the wrong side of the world. Trusting them is like putting your life in the hands of a soulless, insensitive butcher.

I remember the times when I watched my friends helplessly rot in their own murky puddle of indulgence. There were lies. There was witchcraft. There was abortion. There was polyamory. Everything happened right under my nose and I thought I was too weak, too frail to even lend a hand out of the quicksand. I ran away. I ran away and hid.

And so, several years ago, I tried to live like a ghost.

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Wednesday, December 17th 2014 • People Watching


Droplets trickle down our skin,
Cleanse our weary souls within

It was a long ride; the road turned slippery wet after a full day with the blue sky. The sun caved in. It’s time for the clouds to pour out their sweat. In the afternoon, during the sunset, we watched the tall buildings disappear into little dots. We’re going home.

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