Hi, I’m Caris.


My real name means soldier. My nickname means love. I write on weekdays, on weekends, in a small corner at home where there’s quiet, or whenever I have a notebook. On Sundays, I teach kids about The Greatest Love Ever. And make them draw. And sing. And laugh with all sorts of funny things so they’ll grow up with lots of joy in their heart. I am the daughter of a pastor who knows the only righteous thing is loving.
I draw. I take photos. I write songs. Some of them have been sung by choirs (see Music). I make poems. I have a few published by journals and anthologies, including the beloved 1001 Knights and Not Very Quiet. I plan to write more on my Instagram, Caris Writes. I work as a copywriter. Occasionally, I write short stories. I learn from experience and I think bravery is also taking small steps forward to stay alive.

I am from the Philippines. I laugh a lot and I am not very tall. I love stories. I hope you feel not alone here. x

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Tales by Trees

The healing wonders of forest bathing
There is something glorious about wandering deep into the forest; like magic, it transports you from the stress of daily life into a strange, pleasant calm.

Molecule Design

The redemption of the recycled
With the density of plastic milk jugs, experts look forward to at least a thousand years before it thoroughly decomposes into the soil.


Thirty, single, a woman, Asian
Nobody here likes it. Nobody wants to pass that bridge. When you’re thirty, the shimmer of your twenties fades away. Dread enters the floor.
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