Hi, I’m Caris.


I’m a copywriter I make nice things with words.

I help brands create amazing content. I write for magazines, too. I craft product descriptions for furniture, gifts, and genius innovations, and I love working with clients who understand that their content requires a warm, personal voice. I am ready to hear your story. For work-related inquiries, email me at info@hellocaris.com.

Work with me
I write on weekdays. I write on weekends. Most Saturdays, I sum up the week’s funniest chronicles in bite-sized tweets (See My Week in Tweets). On Sundays, I look back at my struggles and make peace with myself, closing them in a book (See The Weekend Closing) so I can get ready to face a new week. I mean, we all have to brave up for Mondays. And all the days that follow.
When not writing, I draw. Or take photos. Or compose songs. Some of my work have been sung by kids and choirs. I have poems published by journals and anthologies, including 1001 Knights. On Sundays, I teach kids about The Greatest Love Ever. I make a lot of mistakes and I am always anxious, but I think bravery is also taking small steps forward to stay alive.

I am from the Philippines. I laugh a lot and I am not very tall. I love stories. I hope you feel not alone here. x

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