Our hearts were ready for it.

We all came with different reasons. Some are wide-eye open for opportunities to help. Some are anxious to see what this wild world offers. Some are rubbing their wounds with salt, trying to find redemption in good service. Some are heartless, ready to fly, ready to give up their lives. We all came with different reasons and we came back with one.

It is an absolute fact that we came there to bless. We were armed with goals, strategies and finances to aid a congregation in need. We were ready to lift their dwindling, lowered heads back to look at the vast heavens, just because they are amazingly underneath it, watched over by a Great God who has kept them alive after a storm’s wrath.

We landed with traces of that chaotic episode still visible, marking the church’s lives with different kinds of wounds. The pastor, a man ready to give up after being thoroughly exhausted from an invisible battle. The workers have left him. The leaders are clueless on how to help.

This is just the right opportunity for us to share who we are and what we have. We brought in the soil in which we have retained the foundation of our church: harmony, wisdom, and a sheer layer of faith. We call it courage. We call it bravado. We call it looking above the circumstances and broken roofs in knowing that the God who created you has already provided you with His sufficient grace.

Help was delivered. In different ways.

We came to Tibiao, bringing our Atlag-laden soil, a strong foundation of faith sown by our fathers. We returned from Tibiao with a different air; eyes opened, hopes raised, and an abundant feeling of joy being used to blessed, and being blessed.

Our hearts were ready for it.

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