They say that it’s always good to leave your doors open
That you can always pick opportunities more than priorities
Because opportunities only knock once
And you should answer the call at once before it leaves.

They say you should always look out for chances
Like hidden tunnels on a wall of solid rock
Where dreams pierce through like bullet, straight to the point
A fast-track elevator to your stars

They say humans are born practical; it’s our innate nature
To jump on possibilities like a lion on its prey
To grab what is there rather than seek what we crave for
Keeping score is greater than filling our soul’s hunger

But I have been calculating hearts, not numbers
And satisfying them requires more than open tunnels and breakthroughs
For the heart, there’s none other worthier than what it beckons
Like a loyal lover, it calls only one name over and over again

I lost my wisdom in logic, and my principles are tainted
With a twisted belief of longing; ambitious and yearning
I await to behold the bearer of that name with patience and folly
I stopped counting scores; there is only one I need.


I have been calculating hearts, not numbers © 2014 Caris Cruz