I am finally convinced that I look at humans like books. Each person has a story to tell. And every story is different. There’s comedy, passion, adventure, and etc. Their chapters unravel and I like looking at them with big, curious eyes. I like spotting something new. Like the change in their faces, the choice of words they speak, the type of clothes they wear, their reaction towards things. It’s a wonderful discovery and I love observing them. It’s like reading an excerpt of what’s currently written inside their souls.

I have always known what genre I love to read. I love sweet stories; stories about life, family and heartaches. I love mysteries; they’re delicious. You know, those plots that gives you little to no idea of what the ending should be. Sometimes, I read sorrow. Sorrow allows you to realize your own pains and helps you to become compassionate with another’s wounds.

I love people with these stories. Stories of wounds, bandaged over time, fought the stings bravely, but the scar is still there. I love people who doesn’t speak of themselves much, because there’s a lot of them to be told. I love unraveling their hearts; tears and smiles so raw and beautiful that nothing is made-up. I love mysteries to the purest core.

And then, there are cheap books. I can compare them to people who are all over the place. Those books with ridiculously obvious plots.  Books with tacky words, shallow emotions and groins with so much kitsch. They moan and groan and expose their precious souls without a care, spilling out their stories like it was nothing. Because they love attention, they tend to exaggerate what isn’t really there. Pitiful.

I don’t like those stories.

I think I like books with good returns. Those that take time to read. Those with carefully written plots that only expose the right things at the right time. Slowly, but surely. Stories that capture the reader’s heart without them knowing it. Stories that fill my soul and rub it off with beautiful emotions, like polishing an old shoe with new wax. I want stories of courage, of bravery, of defeat, and of sorrows. These are the stories with the best characters, no matter what the ending may be.