We are all longing for places to belong to
Like hands that will hold us tight
People who will embrace our very soul
With chains attached from one’s heart to theirs
As if co-existing with each other is a requirement and not an option.

We are all looking for homes so we can find our spot
Where we are considered members, like hands and feet
Not just some add-on accessory that can be taken in and out when one wishes to.
We are all yearning for a person, desperately, like us

Who will shiver in fear once they lose the sight of our shadows
Because the warmth of our skin is the very fire that heats up their bones
We all want to be indispensable
We all want to stay.

We want to be someone’s air and sunshine, essential to their growth
Dwelling in their innermost parts, pumping their organs.
We all want to be a part of something
And remain there, because they become our identities
Our concept of individuality is crushed by the want of belongingness
In a world that keeps changing its skin,
Fashioned out from the souls of new generations
Making new transformations.

We all wanted to stay.
But stay, we cannot.