You woke up at the same time, in the same position, as consistently as you have done yesterday. You are consistent, only for that matter. You love routines. You love knowing what to do the next minute.

But remember it’s okay to go a different direction. It’s okay to stop and read for thirty minutes before you bang your fingers on that keyboard. It’s okay to lie on the couch and just completely space out. That’s where your inspiration used to come.

You wanted to eat healthy. You wanted to be healthy because you wanted to live. You wanted to live because you wanted to take care of those who has taken care of you. But don’t forget that there is probably more reason to living more than gratitude. Always live with gratitude. But don’t live with just that. Your folks wanted all the big things for you. And the big things are about to come.

So open your heart.

People tell you that you move slowly. You are lazy. You know that. Your blood is a heavy fluid which cannot be moved. It’s a phlegm. But that doesn’t mean you’re not moving. Each day is a one step forward.

Don’t ever think you don’t deserved to be loved. The truth is, nobody deserves anything. Love is given freely. It’s something you don’t ask for. If someone gives it to you, just accept it. Don’t force yourself to return the favor. Just let it be. And let it go when it all runs out.

Don’t forget where you came from. Don’t forget how you got here. Don’t forget your pains. Don’t forget your scars. Those are your holes. And your holes are the most glittery parts of your body. They’re like black nights shining with stars. Don’t forget Somebody already filled them.

You are loved. You are beautiful. You are not a visual object. You are not a doll. You are supposed to be alive, so live.

And lastly: get back to work. There’s a lot of things to do. Don’t lug around. Live.