Every song is waiting to be written. The idea and words and melody interwoven together in harmony does not come by force. Songs cannot be written by intellect. They are borne out of a freshly wounded heart, a wildly blossoming soul, a new beginning, a terrifying ending. Songs are fear, joy, love, hate translated into something everyone can understand. Songs are people. Songs have lives. Songs have purpose.

Like a baby formed in a tranquil bosom, it heart romp with gradual beating until you can hear it with your own ears. Until you can feel it kick in your stomach. Until you see it as a whole after a painful struggle. It cries like a rushing train, leaving you terrified and wonderfully in awe at the same time.

The next moment you hear the clashing of cymbals, go grab a pen and paper. A song is waiting to be written.  A song is waiting to be born.