I am a vessel filled with worries,
With doubts and dreams, with snakes and ladders
Reaching as far as the ceiling
Swiveling inside my stomach
My heart is clogged with all its anxieties
Until you pull them out, one by one
Taking off the clutter
So that all I am is an empty space, ready to be filled again

I am a lamp that glows in the dark
With a tiny neon light wishing that
Moths gets warmed up, and the lost finds their way
But even little lights submit to the dark sometimes
And candles go out when the wind huffs
If you see me disappear, I hope that
You will light up that match
And put fire in me again

I’ll warm you with my light, you’ll warm me with your hands.

I am a raindrop, finding places to land
Like quiet tears on the silent Earth
Washing a bit of mud away from your skin
Trickling down your face, getting lost in the puddle
Until all I am is a mixture of the same dirt
Cleansed from your soul
Raindrops and tears are the same
We end up in pools, dancing and swaying
Confused of who we are

I am a human with two hands and two purposes:
To create and to embrace
Because the earth is a sad place to live in
And souls are not meant for here
I am caught by a giant net like a fish in the sea
Of a Man whose hands were pierced on a tree
And whose voice beckoned names as He knew the stars
He called me by another name, a name which is sound
On that same day, I realize, I was found.