I have been watching people, walking
With gaps in their teeth, lost arms
Torn legs and hearts with holes

We all trudge on a journey where we
Lose some of our pieces along the way
That we somehow we feel incomplete
Without knowing where our parts fell
And all of our missing joints
Were scattered all over the ocean floor

I have often thought of dissecting myself
Of disassembling my innards and give it all away,
Piece by piece
Wishing I could be a part of something
Without being a part of myself
Myself is a giant black hole

But God tells me to put my scalpel down
That I don’t have to rip the already-broken me apart
So that others can be whole again

The organs He created in my skeleton are
Like unique pieces of a puzzle which cannot
Be used to fit another board

He says He can fill in the gaps
He will cover the holes
Not with flesh and bones, but with gold and mortar
So everything binds together and shine at the same time
The empty gaps in our bodies will become our most precious parts
And we will never be incomplete again.