It was the first time he loved. The first time his heart throbbed with so much pain of desire to sit beside someone and stay there for the longest time. He never knew this feeling. He never understood what love is. His last memories of the word was seven years ago. The kind eyes of his father. The warm hands of his mother.

It was the first time, for the longest time, that he loved. And he loved her with so much passion, with so much intensity, that every single moment without her seems like an eternity. He wanted to see her. He wanted to see her brown hair, her snaggletooth smile, her pug nose. She was beautiful. She was all he wanted, right now.

Right now feels like forever.

His heart burned inside him, and he could feel the smoke coming out from his nose. He waited on his seat just like before, but not seeing her shadow across him makes him feel uncomfortable. Where is she? What’s taking her so long? Did something happen?

Bloanslitte might have cursed under his breath a thousand times.

Tonight, he planned to tell her his name. And a lot more.

But he didn’t know she wasn’t there anymore. He didn’t know she left. Earlier that morning, when he said “See you later,” she said “Goodbye.” It was goodbye. There’s no seeing later. It was the end of their encounter.

Matt sat there beneath his favorite tree, howling like a wolf, waiting for a shadow.