When you were a kid, your mind was swamped with the idea that everyone has a soulmate, that each person was tied to another person with a red string that keeps them together, no matter how far apart. The concept for soulmates have always been the center of everyone’s romance, that the universe orchestrates obvious circumstances so that you and your lover can be together.

I hate to break it to you now, but you were lied to. There are no soulmates. Destiny does not make that decision.

You do.

The truth is, you decide. All of it. Whom to love, how to love, when to love, why to love, where to love. When you were born, God dropped your soul from the sky and blew you into an ocean of other souls, mixing together like the waves in the sea. We are particles moving inside a dancing motion, never stopping. Never ceasing. We breathe the same air and in a way, we kissed. We extend our arms wide and in a way, we embraced. You may have loved a person without knowing it. Loving is gravity and you may have fallen hard even without your knowledge.

Remember that the God who created you did not write your story in a one-way chart. No. You were not a straight line. You were made of curves, complex decisions, lost roads, bad falls and a long story of boo-boos. You were not a robot. You were not pre-programmed. The life ahead of you is a blank page waiting to be written.

So write it well. Write it with love.

Have you ever thought of the quirks that made you love a man? It’s a key that opens the door to your heart. It could be anything. He could be anything. He could have busy hands and curious brows and a sad mouth and a tall nose. He could be a bookworm, a musician, a geek. He could be all of that and none of that.

Destiny has no say in your decisions. It didn’t fashion you out the way you are now. You grew. You changed. You transformed. You got through a lot in all the years of your existence. Destiny couldn’t write all of that. The universe is too busy calculating the number of galaxies to exist and the number of black holes to eat them up. It’s too much preoccupied at how each planet should revolved, how many moons should be formed, how many asteroids should clash in a particular moment so that everything would be in order. It’s sad but the universe is growing, changing and transforming on its own to mind such a little dot like you, much smaller than an atom in its entirety.

So don’t leave your chances to love with destiny. You have the power to choose. You have the power to make it last. You have to decide whether to love this person tomorrow or chuck them out of your life the next day. The years of your togetherness depends on your daily commitment to loving, adoring and keeping that person.

It’s your choice to love. And it’s your choice to do that, every single day.