It’s all over Facebook, you and him
still pictures of smiling faces popping
beside scandalous phrases in a growing forum of banters

You were names making noises in an argument
that is heard beyond your bedroom door
and each word is like a slap on the face that is already red with shame.

I want to stop you, but hey, you let anger run like a speeding train, dashing
on bluish railways, and we see threads of your life unfold
line after line after line.

I felt guilty after reading what my eyes are not meant to see,
but Facebook makes a whisper a shot heard around the world.

Of all the venues you have chosen, you picked this wrestling ring, 566
people watching you, and probably even more.

To be a spectator in a battle of fire-spits, that’s a bit comical but
for the first time I realized this isn’t slapstick.
It’s when I realize your disgrace is still ringing in my ears and probably

strikes all the people who have read it.


About: I wrote this poem right after reading a Facebook fight. Things like these, honestly, are pretty interesting. It shows human facets; the way they think, the way they use their words, the way their own words can be used against them. I wish people can take time and rethink about how they use social media. If there’s something you can iron out inside a closed door, please do so. No need to let the whole world know about it.