Some random sketch I made in trying out which pens work best with watercolor. There are times I avoid using pencils in the outline and just “get on with it”, and most often, they turn out nicer. Why is it that when I actually am careful of drawing something, it turns out bad?

This illustration is a summer treat, mainly because of the colors. And the words on her shirt, which, quite frankly, reveals me that I have been listening to Against the Current‘s Japanese release, Love In The Summer Dreaming Alone.


Basically I listened to it because of ONE OK ROCK‘s Taka, whose vocal presence is just so awesome I forgot he was only featured and not the main vocalist.


I’m currently on a hunt for good nibs, pens and pairings, because I’m sticking to the watercolor medium on a long term. Hopefully in the coming days, I’d be able to come up with something more than a random sketch.