I’m not the type of blogger who changes themes so frequently, but there are instances when you just fall in love with the design and you just had to go through the entire day tweaking it for your website. I just had that feeling right now, after stumbling over Angie MakesMary Kate, a free theme created for hosted WordPress sites. My last theme felt too chic and black for me. I love the pastels, the colors, and the way everything is put together. I’m actually thinking that, if I ever get another itching for a new layout, I’m heading off to AM.

Originally, Mary Kate is a fresh combination of soft gray and pink hues. I love the gray part, but pink is overused for me. So what I did was I made my own accent, thanks to my linear watercolor brushes, and added a few white dots on it. Kind of imitating the former layout, but a bit moony. The result? Moony Miss.

What I did:

  • Added a washi-tape like effect on the blog entry header. Also place a quirky arrow on the date. Yes, it blurred the numbers, but I think it’s a bit fun and youthful that way.
  • Changed the heading font because I fell in love with it when I used it on my last theme.
  • Tweaked the sidebar. Now the titles are in pink instead of white.
  • Created a lovely logo using the font and freebies from Sweetgrass. I bought the item on Creative Market, and it just deserves a mention!

I think a good layout creates an inviting atmosphere for any blogger to love writing on their space. My Moony Miss theme is just that. It’s gentle, it’s lovely and it’s peaceful to look at. I’m totally happy at how this came out.