I just recently watched Goosehouse‘s newest UStream live and I remembered I had drawn one of its members, 沙夜香, a while back. さやーねえ, her co-members call her fondly, is the pianist with the “older sister” image of the group. For a while, she has been my peg, and I just love seeing her reactions while on set because she’s just so nice and awkward sometimes.


I drew this on a whim, while trying to play with a marker and watercolor and wondering how it will result into. Well, it’s this, a messy, rather rough illustration I came up with. I’m drawing with markers now, because I haven’t found the right brush to give me those thick but precise lines. I’m still a beginner in this watercolor journey but I’m enjoying it so far!

By the way, the time さやか wore this pairing, she did not wear her glasses. Which she usually wears all the time. I think it was a winter showcase in January. I loved her braided hair!