So, we’re supposed to be going to Amsterdam this Spring. The family has decided upon this since last year and we’ve been looking forward to this quarter to get our passports out and fly, fly away. But some mishaps held us back, like some people in our group backing out the last minute, and we organized our documents a little too late. Tsk. At the back of my mind, we should have decided for ourselves early on. But all is good! I think everything went according to God’s plan, not ours.

Anyways, while preparing for the trip, I was wondering what I can give those folks over at Europe. I mean, economy-wise, their lives are totally much, much better compared to us here. They’re just a few hours’ trip away from Paris and Germany and they can go to amazing places I’ve only seen on print. Talk about envious! And let’s not talk about weather conditions.

So what can I give someone who basically had everything? This idea came out.


Recently, sweet Eun Hye Jo of Kuma Couture gave me a personalized gift that I really, really loved. And then I thought, why not make something for them? The result, a bunch of hand painted cards from the remaining pieces of my watercolor paper.

I had so much fun making these belles that I thought I’d make a whole lot more. Because really, one can’t have too many painted postcards!





Life update: Our visas aren’t confirmed as of yet; there was one requirement our relatives from Amsterdam has to send the Embassy for further clearing. If this isn’t done within the week, we’d have to reschedule an interview. I have no news regarding this but I’m hoping for the best.