The LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” And he said, “A staff.”

— Exodus 4:1-2

Earlier this week, I felt heartbroken because I am broke. We’re going on a trip to Amsterdam and I was saving what little I have to support even just myself. Being a freelance writer has its own pros and cons, and while I can work when I want whenever I want to, I am not assured of a steady income and additional bonuses just like office work would.

I felt a bit upset because there was something I wanted to buy, a few things I wanted to give, but I just realized I don’t have the funds to back me up. The money on my bank is just enough for the little tidbits I might end up buying abroad and I’m saving everything up for any unforeseen circumstance.

And while I was all glum at my penniless predicament, God reminded me that I’m not at all nothing. I had something. I had a less than a hundred dollars sitting on my other account. It’s not many, but if I use it well, I can buy something for myself and a few more for my family.

The truth is, I was saving that money for my June allowance since I won’t be working this May. I was trying, ever so hard not to touch that amount because I was thinking there won’t be anything next.

Sadly, it’s this perception that made me feel discouraged about so many things in life. About me not having stable work. About me not having a stable career. About me and a really glum future. About me not being able to buy the things I want and about me not being able to give.

It’s about me not being able to.

Until God asks me, What do you have? What’s in your hand right now?

You’ve got a few dollars? Use it. Enjoy it. Give with it. You don’t have nothing. You have something.

I have something.

This reminds me of the story of Moses and his escape from Egypt. When God showed His face to him, he was in awe but in fear at the same time. Moses’ people won’t just believe in him if he said ‘Hey, I just met God a while back there, and He’s telling me to do something cool: lead you out of your slavery!’

I bet he’ll get stoned. Unless, he shows proof.

Now, Moses has been traveling the desert lands after he managed to run away from his prince-ship, all due to his killing of an Egyptian officer. The guy needed a walking stick to aid him in his sandy journey. It was all he had.

No money. No fame. No reputation. Just a walking stick.

But God is a God of Miracles, and to Him, walking sticks are more than what we know. To Him, walking sticks are miracle makers, blessing givers, salvation symbols.

Ridiculously unfathomable, His thoughts are.

And that’s the same walking stick Moses used to cast curses and plagues, divide a sea in half, make water stream from a rock, and so many other miracles.

God made me see I had my walking stick. We all have our walking sticks. It’s all that we have, but it’s not nothing. God is going to create joy, blessings, and miracles from whatever’s in our hands right now.

With this, I end with a little praise:

What I thought was lacking
Was actually more than enough