One of the marvelous things coming up this May is my good friend’s graduation recital. Micah, who won this year’s prestigious Jovita Fuentes award for voice (under a string of God’s favor), is about to stamp her name on UST’s legacy of amazing sopranos as she finishes her course. She asked me to make her a poster for her event, and I happily obliged, because it’s probably the only thing I can contribute.


For by the time she hits the stage, I’m probably on another part of the world. (Cue upset expressions here)

Anyways, I’m glad I still get to do something and I’m willing to go as many editing is required so we can get it all perfect. For the poster, Miko gave me permission to use one of her cover photos (props to whoever took this shot, it looks amazing!). The main font I used is Bodoni, which has a beautiful regular and italic typefaces. The highlight font is Sweetgrass.

I also managed to use an action trick from Photoshop which produced the beautiful bokeh effects (thanks Creative Market). The result, a sweet, fairy-tale stage; like a true concert ad.

Now, a message if she gets to read this:

God bless you and your recital preparations, Miko! We’ve prayed for this and you’re finally here! I’m just a bit sad I won’t be there to see you doing amazing on stage. Perhaps on your real professional recital this year? Proud of you. x