On our second day in Paris, we are slated to go to one of the must-visit places within the region: Euro-Disney! Thank God for the child with us, and in us, because frankly speaking, I’ve never been to any of the Disneyland resorts (we have two in Asia). Reaching one, much more so, in Europe, is a total gift for me this year!


Yes, squiggly, cheesy smiling faces here, please.



This is the resort’s lobby, a maze-inspired gate to get queues in order.


We bought our ticket in-store, which, in this season, costs 75 Euros! If we had known, we could have had a discount by buying our tickets online (that’s a tip for you who is yet to visit Euro-Disney). There are actually two resorts within the area. One is the main, game-filled paradise for kids, and the other is the how-they-do-it walk-through for the Disney nerds. Tickets are paid separately and there’s a VIP ticket for those who can pay more.


We are greeted by the ‘Swing Spring’ gate, a cheery floral poster that looks great on selfies. Of course, we had many!


Our group turned right at the first bend. We caught a glimpse of the only horror house people would line up to see. Queues are really long! In some cases, you’d have to wait for an hour to get to the rides.


We took the ferry instead, because it’s an easy ride and despite the big queues, everyone can be easily accommodated. The boat ride gave us a trip around the canyon and the wilderness, all man-made.


This is the ride we should have taken.


However, we discovered a few more spots where we can have fun, especially having my young niece with us. We passed by the caves and the waterfalls, treehouses and  decks, until we reached the Pirates of the Caribbean themed part.



After the stroll, we decided to eat lunch. By that time, the weather did not cooperate and it started raining again. Good thing we found this magical pub to warm us up and fill our stomachs! The rest of the family found a huge parasol to set along with the table, because we cannot find a place inside.


After lunch, we strolled up a few more until we came to the train station, which is such a relief, because we can tour around the park without being all tired! During the ride, we found out (thanks to reading out pamphlet really late) that there will be a parade in the main square in a few minutes. That’s something we had to see!


Luckily, we got there in time.






We planned on riding the autos, but some of the rides are crowded and some are under construction. Too bad but anyways, I’m only here for the sights.


My little niece got her Maquillage on and we waited for her to finish. Some of us bought souvenirs while passing time.


The next ride we went to is a the kid-friendly rotating teacups, which didn’t make me dizzy. I was looking at the props and I was trying to figure out how the illusion works.


All that walking turned us into hungry beasts, and my dad wanted coffee (while the rest of us, a place to rest). We walked further more and we reached Hakuna Matata, a Mexican themed restaurant with vintage fixtures.


Who wouldn’t love seeing a large tree all aglow within the restaurant’s interiors?



After another hour of walking and souvenir-buying, we decided to go home. I had to miss the fireworks because, unlike in our country, night-time arrives in Paris at 10 or 11 PM. Our little tot is already getting tired and must have her sleep. So off we go!


Counting up, we only had 5-something rides at Euro-Disney but we did enjoy getting through the different parks, parades and perks. Not bad, I think! My first Disneyland experience was really amazing, and this is something I can tick off my imaginary bucket list.


Now, to our next adventure!