Paris is a 6-hour journey from the Netherlands, traversing through Brussels, Belgium. We left early that day, hoping to make the most out of the city.  However, the weather was such a killjoy. It rained on Paris, just exactly when we got there.

It isn’t fun to have water trickling on your head, especially when you’re unprepared. This is why we should always look at the weather watch.

Anyways, the rain did not, in one minute, diminish the city’s splendor. It, however, got us drenched and wet.





We made a run to the nearest shelter, an architectural university, somewhere in the city. Many groups and tourists huddled by the lobby, waiting for the rain to stop.


Once the trickle slowed down, we decided to move out and find a place to grab lunch. Because really, a hungry stomach is stronger than the desire to stay dry.


The first non-full restaurant in view was an Italian restaurant that looks welcoming, if not for the menu. It is not cheap. Just one look at the list of food (and the cost beside it) and we knew we’re not for here. However, we thank the place for sheltering us during that rainy downtime. Off we trotted to find somewhere our stomachs and pockets can handle.


Parking in Paris is difficult. You need to be a pro in order to get your vehicle all settled in the city; experts make it even with little space. The ‘X’ marks towable areas, while white lines allow parking. Oh, and prepare to have your car ‘kissed’ by another; bumpers are too close and locals are used to having their own autos dented in the front and back!


Look at the city! Compared to Amsterdam, Paris had stark, beige colored buildings. The large windows and the delicately framed balconies give the city its own European flavor. Bright red canopies and roses creates a splash of color in the otherwise muted area. It’s stylish, classy and effortless; three words that mark a true Parisian.


They say that Paris is the most expensive city to live in, and I have no doubt about it.dsc04850_18334078112_o



Now, back to our touring. We won’t be able to go to many places because of the rain, but we cannot miss the Eiffel Tower. So back we go, into the rain!dsc04853_18150311760_o


There it is! Glorious.


We had to enter this university grounds to reach the tower.


There it goes. And yes, that’s a cherry blossom too! If I had a proper angle, this picture would have been more magnificent but anyhow…

dsc04865_17715399394_o\ dsc04864_18151827699_o

We passed by a bridge over the River Seine.


After ten minutes, we found ourselves under the skirts of the great Eiffel Tower!




There were many people. It’s spring time and tourists from all over the world are visiting many parts of Europe! However, I bet the Eiffel Tower is always filled with a crowd.


We weren’t able to climb up the tower because the line stretched for like, a mile. At the end, we satisfied ourselves by seeing this world wonder and then headed home. We had more plans lined up for tomorrow, and we’re crossing our fingers that the weather will be better the next day.


When in Paris:

  • Get ready to walk, but know that there are alternatives. Tourist buses are available for one-day rounds in the city, and there are subway stations underneath.
  • Eat. The city is overflowing with international cuisines and if you had the money, it’s great to add some new flavors into your palette. Of course, if you’re into thrifting, you can always head on to McDonald’s!
  • Know how to haggle. This is very crucial, especially for buying souvenirs nearby the Eiffel Tower!