I. Your back

I was looking for you. You didn’t know. I didn’t have to tell, but I wonder if you felt how my eyes were glued to your back all the time. Maybe you felt some warmth, maybe with a hint of unease. I did not care about that part.

When I first saw you, you were like a person doused in stripes of neon lights. The last time I spotted you was in some airport, wading through a pack of different people.

You wore a jacket. The neon lights were gone, as if the lights were switched off in an instant.

II. A Tan

Once upon a time, the moon decided to go dark. “Are lights always supposed to be in white?” No, it thinks. So the sun painted the moon’s face with a bronze shimmer, giving it a luxurious tan.

But the humans were alarmed. They were either in awe, or in aghast, as they saw the color change. Moons should not be in color. Moons must remain pretty. Moons must always be in white.

Even the sky experiences discrimination sometimes.

III. The Nobody

They called her a nobody not because she is. What she is, in fact, is an artist. An artist in the making. An artist behind closed doors. An artist behind closed doors in the middle of closed hearts. The world will not embrace a nameless, faceless creature.

But the universal truth is this: everybody is a somebody. A person with a name. A person with a character. A person with a future. Humans, unfortunately, posted an unwritten disclaimer; placing people into pigeonholes, into their own classes.

The disclaimer: If nobody discovers you, you are nobody indeed.

IV. You Today

You woke up this morning and here’s a new thing: you’re alive. You’re alive in the same body. You have the same heart beating for the same name, the same mind aiming for the same purpose as before. You are not the person you were yesterday, but you are your person today.

Nobody can take that away from you. Put on your ID, wear your identity with a smile; be proud. You were not given to any other bodies. You were not given to any other particle in the universe. Live through your life because today, you were meant to.

And that’s what’s important. Today.

V. A Dot

Thank you for existing.