I love this weekend in so many ways. First, it’s the only week, so far, that I got to complete Caris Daily. If I had any bone to write something yesterday, I would have completed the whole 7-day post. But that challenge is up for another time.

This week is all about sowing and reaping miracles. I saw one happening, right with my own eyes, today.  Let me tell you all about it.


It’s this week when I had a few extras: I wrote a personal letter and a lovely poem, (if I may say so myself). Emily wrote me an encouraging message about it and I feel so blessed. Thank you for reading my intimate posts. While I am still undergoing some existential crisis, I could not be more than happy to be alive.

My dad attended EGR this weekend and he came home happy and refreshed.  I could not be more thankful if my mom would next time. It’s not about the program. It’s about her just embracing what is. Sometimes our eyes are glued to the things which aren’t here. It’s nice to have ideals, but it’s also great to enjoy what we have.

It was last Sunday when the idea of bringing Benny, my keyboard, to NV9, clicked. There is no electricity in that place, but batteries exist.

For the first time, we felt we had a real congregation. It took me some days to actually get the chords a la ouido, since I’m not a note-reader. I’ll be taking over all the songs, including the doxologies, and two of them I had to juggle up at the last minute!

The miracle in NV9 today is this: God prepared them for today. When we came (albeit terribly late), there were cloth banners declaring Jesus’ Name by the small yard. The congregation were there. The door was painted with the Methodist Cross and Fire emblem. We had new faces. And better yet, even the sauciest kid was quiet during the service! We had fun singing the songs, despite me being totally sucky at piano. Ooops. They did not know that!

There are many faces making a dent in my head in NV9. Jasmine, ultimately, is my right hand. Cesario was less fudgey and Bayani protected the keyboard with all his might (I remember Aldrin in him). The boy I only talked to by the window last Sunday joined in the congregation, looking dapper. He tells me he has a keyboard and I told him I can teach him bits (since I only know bits). I just want to sow every seed I can in these kids, first and foremost, love.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is our new dog! Our old friend died Spring this year, and this is her nephew. I don’t have a name for him yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. For the meantime, I call him Patchoy. He’s just cuddly and cute and a charming crybaby. Can’t wait to watch him grow with us!


I bet there are a lot of miracles coming my way, so I’m closing the doors to this week and am welcoming the new one with full arms, stretched wide.

The Weekend Closing: Celebrating the doors we need to close to get to the ones we need to open.