What do I love about Saturday mornings? This type of post, My Week in Tweets, wherein I can easily scale if my time has been productive or poofy. But don’t let my superficial tweets scare you; sometimes, deeper things are blanketed under a vague guise.

Of course, maybe it’s another way around. Maybe those words are just like my potatoes—half baked.



Felt too busy to only make one significant but grammar-gone-crashing tweet.


Remembering what DS Francis said during a, well, half-trip. The whole intention behind this is a joke, but I like the idea, so it sticks.

Also, feeling focused:


I love these cluster of tweets:



A surprise message comes along.

So off with my four-pawed pals.

I want to hug whoever wrote this poem. You read my heart!


Finally, touchdown!

My Week In Tweets pretty much sums up my lame, sloppy ramblings  on social media. I also love cheese. Say hello to me @hellocaris.