I feel good about myself today. Very. This Sunday, I headed out to our mission church, dressed to kill, I mean, to play, as the kids’ story teller and also, their giant living doll. I always dress up for kids. I think the little ones have magpie eyes, looking for sparkly, pretty things. Well, I am proud to have caught their attention.


Little Mila kept gaping and giggling at me while Carla (whose exact gender I am still uncertain but it’s quite fine, whichever) kept playing with my dark chiffon dress. Jasmine, a good report, is wearing a dress for the first time. Most of the youngins are also dressed properly, unlike the past days when they were wearing their pambahay. Clothes don’t matter, really, but it’s nice to have them ready up for meeting a King. The King. He deserves our extravagance.

Beauty is a cringe-inducing word for me, at times. I know everyone is inwardly beautiful, that’s the kind of truth I’m holding onto, but pursuing physical beauty is something that still makes me shiver. I have this nail-biting routine about checking my prettifying intentions when I came across this awesome quote from Unka Glen, whom I follow on Tumblr. It appeared just perfectly on time, and I am convinced that pulling away my shy shell is important in elevating my bravado. Let me share it with you:


To be beautiful is to be brave. To be brave is to be beautiful. These two goes together, and I want to be brave. I so badly want to be brave and stare down at my self-doubts and fear.



True, we’re not perfect. We’ve got bad flaws. But that doesn’t mean we can’t comely. We have something on our hands and hearts, and we must use them to express God’s glory in us. We are made with God’s glory. We are made for God’s glory.


The Weekend Closing: Celebrating the doors we need to close to get to the ones we need to open.