Writing this post on a Monday morning, and this is called cheating. But! But I was down with a bad headache yesterday, something which I initially blamed my nibbling of a medium-sized McDonald’s meal (which is a complete heresy for someone who’s watching her carbs + blood sugar). It, however, turns out to be induced by our prolonged stay over an irately hot place with little electricity plus stress. It was the sun, after all.


Have you ever had a trait you’re not meaning to keep but you’re not willing to talk about? I do. I did. I was found out yesterday and while I convinced myself before to be open to talk about it, I still feel a little, awkward. The cloud hung over my head for quite a while until I realized—it’s not about me. It’s nothing personal. This is the state God placed me in, and He sure has His own reasons, although He’s not always too giddy to share it soon, or at all.

One thing, however, made me smile despite that. A pastor friend of my dad, while riding with us home, says something about me and singer Kim Walker:

I’m serious. You have to let me sing for you.

My head was still throbbing by nightfall, but I managed to play with my dogs, finish my unwatched Goosehouse monthly and do my devotion. Goosehouse‘s final song was glorious; Johnny Saito always had his way with any instrument he’s playing (Yes, God, dream guy trait) and Sayaka was in denim, just like him. How can I not ship this two?

I ship them hard just as I ship (in a nice, brotherly way), Toru x Taka.

Among my latest discoveries is Us the Duo, who just toured in the country early this year (and I, ignorant, paid no attention). Thanks to The Book of Life, I found this husband-and-wife musical team so endearing. Their songs are life. God, I need to get married so we can sing their songs at the banquet, for reals.

Anyways… that’s not coming my way soon. But if there’s one nice thing I realized this week, it’s that I saw how the things I prayed for back then are coming true now. Apparently, it has become obvious how much naive I was back then. Which makes a very nice point for this typography:


Praying is investing for my future. I have no doubt that all things I told Great Dad has been listened to and will be coming to pass. So what shall I pray for next?

The Weekend Closing: Celebrating the doors we need to close to get to the ones we need to open.