Here comes another dose of my effortless, thoughtless tweet dumps. Oops! That was me trying to sound sarcastic. Why, it’s actually a lovely Saturday morning! I just finished some work, and I’m really happy I got here. Here, now, is a happy place.

Although, not completely happy. My dog, Chiba, is sick for two weeks in a row, not wanting to eat for some reason. I know it’s about time to send him to the vet, although there’s that little chiding in me because our vet is actually my godparents who gave me the dog. This, among other things.


Uh, yes.


Saw something that made me want to turn my back on Toru forever. Not for hugging Taka by the way, it was fun!

Anyways, exploring is becoming a bad vice.


I was talking about work. WORK.

Newfound, old-time band.


But it’s a good thing there’s always options!


I love you, whoever drew this:

With regards to the new Last Dance PV:

Currently listening to MACO + Matt Cab because all that rock junk has accumulated inside my head and I need to remind my personal RAM I can accommodate other music genres as well. That’s all. I’ve got nothing interesting here. But my Instagram might. Go there.

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