You are seeing this post because one very lazy creature decided to write something, one night, while watching a live stream from her monthly fit of Goosehouse. The very lazy creature is still disappointed that no Sayaka x Johnny interaction occurred, and that the members’ fall attire looked rather serious, but she can probably take her kilig moments from all the AlDub interactions happening on a Saturday. Weekends have new schedules. And so did my week.


I can be proud of myself sometimes. Adult moment!


Tumblr is my new fact-finding machine.

I’d love for you to see this:


Starting new work! Happy to have been found by this opportunity.


Poco a poco, my current motto.


I did this, it was tough, but I got through. Ready to do it again.

Me sometime past 11 PM, stalking the OTWOL tags. Haven’t watched it yet, but there is a hype!


(insert sloppy smiley face here)

From now, the week will end in less than four hours. Productive seven days, I must say. Blessed seven days. Nope, I won’t be asking next week to be this good or to be better. I just want to be at peace with whatever comes my way, because God, You’re unpredictable.

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