And this post makes it live! It’s a Sunday afternoon, it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and I smell like my canine kids whom I spent the afternoon with. Due to my new-found diligence in the established parental rules of pet-keeping, our play times are limited to a minimum; a scenario caused by saliva-covered slippers, lost socks and badly bitten shoes. The culprits are kept on their barges at most times, with little leisure (only occurring when they walk for their pee or poo). I feel sad for them, but it has dawned upon me, like a great rock hitting my head, that I do not own this house, and therefore, I do not set pet rules.


The rain is a blessing in the midst of El Nino, which is coming our way this October, and I hold my heart for fear of another dry spell which I ultimately hate. I am a water person, and I positively think that it’s nicer to have a lot than less, because water is life.

But who can stop this phenomenon? No one. I’m only banking on the chilly breeze brought by the winds from the upper regions to cool us during the drought, because  summer in December will make us a little Australia.

I’ve had too much of those summers. I shouldn’t complain, but our mission church is rather cramped and sweaty. Unfortunately, my kaartehan, something which is innately present but very much unwanted even by myself, has made its presence known. I wish it has a switch off.

Anyways, sacrifices are best made by hearts who love. I have a heart who love. How did I know? Well, earlier this morning, during the service, I was sitting peaceably in the front queue with the notorious little lasses known for, ulk, stealing things. I have been victimized a couple of times, and I blame my lack of common sense for bringing a big bag with no main zipper and leaving it out on the open. I didn’t know they had a fad for picking up notes from still wallets which are not theirs. Trust, people. I trusted them.

And now, I realized that someone was trying to open my smaller purse. I knew who it was. She was sitting at the back, along with her lola and mom, to which I am quite convinced are aware of what she is doing, because, uhm, why would you lean down and extend your hand onto someone else’s body unless you’re 1.) taking something 2.) chancing 3.) pulling away some sort of dirt but does it take you a few minutes?

So anyways, I pulled my bag, did not turn around, but shut off the zipper, and made it known that “No, my money stays in my wallet.” I have been lax, that’s the truth, because my purse kept swinging around my body and I thought it was secure. My mistake.

I still love those kids though. The story I shared them that Junior Worship time was of Garcia, the rebel leader, and his love for his mom, the food-stealer. Christ loves them in spite of the many despite ofs, and I will too.

Guys, I’m funny! Would you believe that? Well, no? Okay. I lied. I wasn’t funny. But I did shell out a few strange, sarcastic, stupid things that my usually-hesitant self won’t share. Also, please congratulate me for wearing sleeveless. I am the kind of person who cannot bare herself, physically and emotionally, to the public. I think I’m ready, but partly because…

Hold up. I’m not baring myself to get a boyfriend. I’m baring myself because, I want to be braver. Because I want to let go of my fetters. Because I want to be a light. And a light shouldn’t have any darkness in them.

Hopefully, not underarms.

I love you,  guys.

The Weekend Closing: Celebrating the doors we need to close to get to the ones we need to open.