Congratulations! You’re finally here! There’s a new door in front of you, waiting to be opened. Well, life is just a series of doors. You need to knock every single day. Some doors open, some do not. That’s okay. There are doors not meant for you anyway.

You will get rejected. Something will go wrong. You will get broken. You will make wrong decisions.

Some doors will close in front of your face. But move along. The best part about life is that you’re not meant to stay still.

Remember that part of you who used to say, over and over again, that she wanted to stay like this forever? Well, bring her the good news: that’s crap. Nobody stays. Nobody escapes change. Change is what makes this life worth living.

Today, you have chosen to go out of your doors. Out of your comfort zone. Out of the nest where you are given everything you want and everything you need without you sweating for it. Today, you will start on a new journey, just as you will when the morning comes.

You are not without an armor. Back then, you were bare and helpless. A child. Fragile. Naively sticking to innocence and purity. It used to be nice, until you realize it was a kiss of death. The society is awful and nasty, dangerous and hopeless, but it is not without salvation. It is not without being owned by the One True King. Everything before and everything that comes are all from the Creator’s hands.

Don’t stay inside that door, honey. Don’t peek. Don’t hesitate. Open it wide and proud. Nevermind the mistakes, you’ll make a lot of them along!

Today, you are reckless. You take risks. You take jumps not because you can easily get on the other side—that’s called smarts. But you don’t know what’s on the other end, and I think this is something greater—it’s called faith. It’s called confidence.

Today, you are a better person. You are more beautiful, because you are braver. You are unafraid. Dauntless. Honest. That’s where the true human charm is.

So stretch out your hand and grab the things you like. It’s only for today. Enjoy it, make good use of it, and let the experience cover your body; it’s the sole thing you can take out of this world. Tomorrow is another day, a clean slate, and we’ll start again.

And this becomes another perfect letter, from me, to myself tomorrow.

X, C.