I fell sick midweek; the kind that happens every month and it’s not most welcomed. Work has been consistent, but not me. Instead of pushing myself with the goal to earn, I decided to take a rest. A rest from myself. Because my head was screaming at me to get that good amount of money, but my inner being requires some sort of calm. I chose the latter. Best choice of the week. Four points down, but it’s not a loss compared to the stress and frustrations I could have had.


My aunt has long been taking care of this bag pa naman. Ugh! But I’m still keeping it, hoping it can be mended.


To be strange, that’s the greatest compliment ever.

Just to let you know, my attraction is only a result of connecting the dots according to facial features.


EUREKA OF THE WEEK. Sana pagbigyan, Tatay!


Bet ko ‘to. Sana ganito na lang lagi mga devo namin.


Okay, pero sana maalala ko kung bakit…

I will forever live in that less-than-twenty-second memory.


Priorities. May bagyo pa naman next week.

I know where I am and I now know where I want to be in the coming days: to be not here. In the sense of moving forward. In the sense of walking out of my Egypt. In the sense of journeying towards my Promised Land. Or hitting Base 1. Because really, I should.

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