Cheating Monday.  However, I do have reasons; hear me out. Just like what I’ve done in the past, I can skip this closing because I wasn’t able to do it on time. But let’s just allow a few compromises, because I can’t really let go of the last 7 days of amazing without making a write up. Now, thank you very much!


Dress Problems

Last Saturday was a celebration of yet another wedding in the family, this time, from our distant yet close kin, the Salongas. My dad was godfather, which meant two things: suits and envelopes, in which the latter I little had any cares for, because it’s not going to be named after me. My attention was caught by the rule that all women must wear a long dress, as specifically indicated in the invitation, which I did not had a chance to take a good look at. Dad pointed this out, and I just gasped, because by Wednesday, I am entirely powerless to do some quick shopping, and at this point, you guys know my priorities: save.

Of course, when it comes to clothing, I can always make compromises, lalo na ngayon that I am thinner than before. It’s a really thin thin, less flabby arms, but really small, sucked-out face.



The Ramos family were our company, with 1/4 of them missing on our way to the venue. It was so nice to have ate Grace, kuya Melvin and Jeremiah inside our home again; I remember the time when they used to have dinners and long talks with us! But while physical attributes change, some things doesn’t. Like friendship. We left home with only a tad commercials short of watching Yaya Dub on TV, but Dad was hurrying up, because, of course, my anxious Earthly father is bent on keeping time. So we went on our way, with Kuya Melvin behind the wheel. It’s been a long time since someone drove the car fast, with a gusto! Dad is always driving slowly, all credits to his big tummy and um, age. The venue was an outdoor corner of a garden under a pitched tent, set against the afternoon sky. Very lovely, with the sponsors’ seats in classic gold chairs and very little number of stools for visitors to use. The wedding did not start on time, due to some mishaps, and as Wina tells me, is all because of the coordinators. And some other stuff. It rained during the wedding! I remembered some not-so-nice things happening on the first of the Salonga siblings’ wedding−brownout! In about 10 to 15 minutes, the ceremony ended. No photo op at the gorgeous arc. The guests ran to the reception area, with a giant parasol assisting groups back and forth.

And New Connections

Something beautiful happened here, and it lit up my night altogether. I somehow got to talk to Lei whom I have always been awkward before (for the reason that I thought she disliked me at some point). Everything started with a smile, a snap of the camera (well, a lot of snaps, and we were evidently the brightest, jolliest party in the crowd), and the buffet. Miracles happened! I got to chat with her and even though the only thing spilling in my mind is my age and my lack of appetite for most foods, I guess that’s a nice start! Weddings aren’t my favorite things, but I’m not bitter because I’m not the one wearing white, but because of the catch-that-bouquet game. At the realization of this part, Miko and I came running outside the hall to escape. Yes, just as when Shuti (the bride) was mentioning our names. I love you Shuti, but my dislike for that part is greater. The program drew to a close and I was just elated with everything. That night, I got to see many of my favorite people, and made new ones too. My inner crumples were ironed out. Thanks Tatay. That day was beautiful.

On Sunday

Sunday meant back to church for me. I don’t know where the dismal atmosphere is coming from, but I can see there are some stand-out few who are trying to lift up the setting with all their might. At some point, I wish they don’t. I wish we can all just be honest. I wish we can all just bare our sins, ask forgiveness, and let God heal us. I wish we can be braver than just turning our heads on the other side, trying to find another solution. A solution we are capable to make. I know, I’m a blabber mouth. Who am I to say all these things when I’m not even home or helping? Well, if I’ve got one small right, I’d just have to point out to my childhood pictures and say, “I grew up here. I was transformed here. I gave my best years here.” Anyways, ate May and I managed to snag a few moments to come up with the Anniversary plan, which is still not working for me. We’ve got to change that hapless, uninspired, vague and frustrating title. It’s good, really. But we want to give the best, because our Heavenly Father has always been about the best!

Another Wedding On The Way

Lunch time. Our relatives from Las Pinas visited us to introduce the soon-to-be new part of their family, my cousin’s fiance. We’ve heard good reports about Billy, and although his romance with ate Kaye was a bit fast, the only important thing is that they love each other and they want to be together. Ate Kaye has new work, preparing herself to be a new wife and in the right time, mom. At this point, age became a topic for the female singles of the family. Our moms revealed that the Avendano women really marry late, and most of the time, to men who are younger than them. Tita Neneth, whom I served as a flower girl in her wedding, got married at the age of 33. Now that I’m going 30 with no boyfriend, I shudder to think what age am I going to hit the altar and if I get to fulfill my life’s greatest dream: to be a homemaker to a family I will make with God’s Adam for me. I hope you’re on your way to me too. Soon.

Discernment and Deductions

Artists, in every form, are inspired by fantasies. Our heads love creating. Now, as Christians, we often fall into those traps that the things inside our heads are something else. I know, faith works, because our Father works (awesomely, extravagantly, lavishly, powerfully). But it’s not all the time that our wants become the rudder by which our ships must sail.


Which is why discernment is important. God’s heart is our main protection from the lies offered by the devil; his beautiful temptations daily pulling us in. And if, at some point, we don’t know whether this is faith or fancy, let us just put everything in God’s hands and tell Him, “You know best. Give me rest.”

Rest is good for hearts of all kinds, for healing of all kinds.

The Weekend Closing: Celebrating the doors we need to close to get to the ones we need to open.