Over my room, there’s a mild chill, an ambient sunlight, and the whispering piping of the sparrows. I’d love to still dream away, although today’s fleeting isn’t incredibly amazing, nor memorable. Saturday only means one thing: a re-telling of my life, as shown by Twitter, and a little study whether I used my time appropriately or not. I’m more of the latter.

Thanksgiving is over, and we move onto the next big thing: Christmas! I shudder to think about presents, because I’m currently on my stingy mode, trying to save up whilst spending. I am bad at math and counting. Which is quite evident, Monday this week.

Here’s my story:


I did the unspeakable. I… overspent on buying my two-week stock. And frankly, when I saw the price, I just felt ashamed of myself. I even had to put off a hair salon session because I was trying to save. Yep. Leave it to me to be incredibly prodigal, especially in myself.


Did you hear about the news, Johhny’s fans? No? Well, another leaf falls off of KAT-TUN’s tree. And that leaves them three.


This week has been full of surprises. Some you need, some you don’t. This particularly one is listed under the ‘don’t’ list. But who knows? Maybe I’ll benefit from this someday.


Wrote a Thanksgiving post, featuring a backlog from my super-secret blog. From where I am now, I feel much have changed in me, in this other half of the year. So do my circumstances.


It appears to me that my super-secret hush-hush blog is not-so-super secret at all! Which is really cool.  Thank you for reading the messes inside my brain!

My Week In Tweets pretty much sums up my lame, sloppy ramblings on social media. I also love cheese. Say hello to me @hellocaris.