I’m afraid there will be no Weekend Closing today, for my reports are rather hazy, after going home from a little fete with Coby, and a short hop over at Auntie Winnie’s. The joy of my afternoon was topped when she said I was “sweet” and we were “good children”, because compliments like that are rare and gold. It’s a Sunday, a few more days before the New Year, enough to count within your fingers in one hand. So, today, I’d rather give this particular weekend, or rather, year-end, a proper closing; something which I may forget to do in the might-be-topsy-turvy week leading to the best days of my life (so far).


Let me tell you this: I’m sure there’s more than fifteen, but 10 is already hard to remember. So, going along with the year’s theme, I’d like to keep things short, with a few notes here and there to remind me how I braved and survived the entire 365 and move forward to a new season with hands and hear full. This list is something I’ll call moral arsenal, although some of them may not be totally upright. Ready? Here we go.

  1. Be honest. I am singing Francesca Battistelli’s If We’re Honest here, and I couldn’t tell you how completely appropriate this song is. It’s my track of the season—where one can just bring your brokenness and I’ll bring mine, ‘cause love can heal what hurt divides, and mercy’s waiting on the other side.” So many incidences this year that demanded my transparency, and I submitted to it meekly and without a word, although I was terribly afraid as one by one, I took my masks off. But honesty is a crucial trait—it sets you And I’d rather be bare and naked than boil under pretensions.
  2. Things will always fall into place. God is like Gravity. He is the big pull. He puts planets into place, and so will He, in my life. If the universe can wait millions of light years for galaxies to be formed, how about a few months for me? It doesn’t matter how long. I know He is good, and I know I’m in His hands.
  3. Prayers are investments for the future. It’s not just for the now. When it comes to big things, God doesn’t seem to answer quickly. He loves brewing things up for the awesome. And I can still remember some of my greatest prayers in the past few years just came true now. I’m pretty sure all that I’ve been praying for (most of which are really big things) will take time to be tangible, but that’s okay. I’ll be a prayer stockholder.
  4. We are created to expand. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and in all aspects of life; God has formed us with the capability to stretch our skin and soul so we can stand any push and pull this life brings. Don’t be afraid to widen your arms or your perspective; remember: you are NOT small.
  5. You’re never too old: to find something you love, to misspell a word, to start from scratch. Lately, I’m getting surprise revelations about my self and what I want, like watercolor painting, digital calligraphy, probably starting my business, and driving. For me, it’s not about doing great at each; all I want is to bask into each experience of learning to add new things to my life. So here I go!
  6. Wear good clothes. Clothes make the person. Wearing ragged stuff behind my desk all the time made me feel old and worn-out and ugly. I tell you: I’m a lover of big, boxy and soggy clothes and I appear like a legit spinster losyang. I realized that it was a complete heresy to my inner lover of lavish. Here’s a tip: wearing good clothes increases your motivation at work or at play. It’s paying respect to the people you meet. It’s also paying respect to yourself; don’t ever look like a cheap, low-class, incapable dowdy.
  7. Invest in where you’ll stay. The first three quarters of 2015 was like a complete financial blackout for me. I had less clients and I was, in strange, inexplicable reasons, always However, the tide turned during September. I smiled as I slowly made my way to earning my much-desired Tokyo trip for 2016, but one post changed my mind—why invest on travel, when I should be investing on the lifestyle I wanted? So this new year, my money goes to my potential business and probably, stock units for my future.
  8. However, a good smartphone is always worth the purchase. My gift to myself is a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which I bought this November. At first, all I wanted is a new touch-screen phone (my humble goal was a Blackberry Z10), because what I’m aiming for is a good camera for my IG gallery. But God is extravagant, He wouldn’t want me to settle to anything less than I can have. Here I am now, enjoying doodles with my S Pen, and I’ve got the feeling I will be sticking to Galaxy Note series for a long time!
  9. Resets are good. Especially for gadgets, when the need to start over with a clean slate arises. The feeling is very profound and dramatic, actually, but once you get all your shit back on, you’re like double the person. A changed man. Sometimes, you just have to erase all those unnecessary attachments for you to move on.
  10. There’s always an option. You can always do something. Staying stuck is just inside the head. Sometimes, though, it’s not all about pushing. It’s about finding the right door that will open to you. Just keep on knocking. Good things come when you’re at work.
  11. Worship is an act, not an experience. I remember putting aside my devotional time because “I don’t feel like it”, but I discovered how wrong it was. Very Right now, I’m religiously keeping my intimate prayer moments no matter the feeling, because it is out of my respect for my Father, my King, who loves me as an eternal act, and not only when He “feels like it”.
  12. You are not a failure. Sometimes, things end up not according to our plan. Sometimes, we fail people, When that happens, let’s give ourselves a pat in the back for trying, and know that rejection is a part of life. There are moments when others seek something we don’t have. That’s okay; move on from there, and don’t wallow in self-pity.
  13. The opposite of fear is joy. It is when you have joy that you have courage. It is when you have joy that you have peace of mind. It is when you have joy that you can love and laugh and smile in spite of the mess. If there’s one thing you mustn’t lose, it’s your joy. Hold on to it like the most precious treasure you’ll ever have.
  14. The waiting, the breaking and the making. I guess most of my 20s is a lot of waiting, and trust me—I waited a lot for a lot of things. But here I am, at the end of my 2nd decade, looking at things differently. Perhaps it’s not part of God’s timeline for me yet. Perhaps God is wanting to give me more than I want. I know that waiting involves so much anxiety and fear and sometimes, depression, but I tell you: hang on. He’s never gonna let you down. Press forward, your reward awaits, and it will be more than you expected.
  15. Get ready to go. This is the year of packing my bags and leaving my usual comfort zones, literally, and metaphorically. The thing is: we’re not created to stay. We all thrive within the fact that all things are impermanent. Let’s not stay stuck to what was before. Move. Change. Be transformed for the better. You’ll get to the special place meant for you soon.

How about you? What are the things 2015 taught you?