Why I wrote this: Give it to me, the queen of over-analyzing, in making life more stressful than it already is. I’m used to dying a few times before the moment arrives, just because of my fussy, finicky self. This is no fun.

I wanted to remind myself that life is all about spontaneity; nothing greatly planned (unless it’s by God—let’s leave the thinking to Him, shall we) ever comes to perfect fruition. So why not accept this winding, whirly dance and have fun as we tap our feet to different kinds of music fate throws as us? We may not be completely successful, but at least we enjoyed our time. And that joy, in the end, is all that matters.

30 Things Before 30 is a collection of texts and stories to remind me of a beautiful 3-decade existence, and to propel me to pursue much more beautiful, future years.