Why I wrote this:  10 years ago, or probably more than that, I hated myself. I didn’t know how it started, but I lost a chunk of respect and affection for a part of me like a pebble being shaved by sandpaper. So here I am, always in retrospection, always peeling layers of my own little head as if trying to look inside the heavy blankets of my core to unearth what I lost. I never found it.

There are times when I need to stop worrying and just accept things as is, in face value. No more deductions. It is not good for the brain. Over-thinking might be the one that kills me; I want to be alive and free. So at this point, I’m dropping my cargo by the roadside, run off even barefoot, and just experience the freedom without the thoughts of it all.

I don’t need it.

30 Things Before 30 is a collection of texts and stories to remind me of a beautiful 3-decade existence, and to propel me to pursue much more beautiful, future years.