Why I wrote this:  Francesca Battistelli‘s If We’re Honest is perhaps one of the most significant songs of this year, if not the most. It is a trait long-lost, mostly intermixed with a gunk of white lies, little excuses, candy-covered glossing, and so on. We’d love to make that escape as long as we don’t say the raw truth; for, after all, truth hurts. But it is with this fear that we betray another benefit of complete honesty: the truth shall set you free.

Pain is always imminent. It’s a part of life and it is sewn in our bones, flesh and hearts. But there is healing in the light, balmed with sheer honesty and good intentions. Instead of choosing not to hurt (which is also lying to others and to yourself at some point), choose to heal with honesty. It will take time to patch up bruises, but, as the Bible says, faithful are the wounds of a brother.

30 Things Before 30 is a collection of texts and stories to remind me of a beautiful 3-decade existence, and to propel me to pursue much more beautiful, future years.