Why I wrote this: One family devotion, my brother shared his feeling of victory as a company contacted him for interview. He was enduring less than two-years of non-growth in a rather traditional yet financially stable company, and, being a millennial, is desiring for so much more: experience, and good corporate culture, as his top priorities. I’m only updated at the back scenes, for I am too kept up with my own professional worries, but when he shared that he once thought his dreams were too small for God to take notice, my heart swelled.

Sometimes, we think it so. We’re too small. Too late. Too far. Too incapable. Too many things to not to. But when I wrote this little verse, I am reminded of how great and vast the universe is; how many countless galaxies are revolving around a black, dark space, how many planets are sprouting from unknown dimensions of the cosmos, how many breathing and movements occur in the parts we only see as small as the tip of the needle.

There’s just so much there. And to think, that one little dream would be a fuss for God to make into realization, hah. That’s a fib. He made the universe, along with innumerable dreams in it. He can make mine and yours come true, no matter how big it seems.

30 Things Before 30 is a collection of texts and stories to remind me of a beautiful 3-decade existence, and to propel me to pursue much more beautiful, future years.