I woke up this morning, feeling it was still 6 AM when it was actually 8 in the morning! There’s not a lot sunshine, but it may, probably, be due to my curtains being dark pink, and there are giant trees looming over the window. The air is chilly, the type of atmosphere that makes you want to cuddle up with someone, or something, although all you have is an old pillow and a blanket. A short check at my emails and then, I’m up my bed; visiting my dogs, doing dishes, and then finally on my desk, writing email responses and this usual Saturday blog post.

Some incident these few days made my brows curl and my lips snigger. But before that, nothing much, except making my way through some assignments (which are halted by the holidays) and a few awesome Eureka! which makes this sordid, bland life finally aglow. Maybe it’s the season. Or maybe it’s the right time for my head to be hit with such revelations.


Not exactly a favorite, but I’m following this show for two reasons: 1.) they’ve thrown in a family of Fil-Chinese in the cast, which is fun, especially the strange accent which I think we don’t have and 2.) Rebecca Bloom is really, really funny; like an anti-thesis of a leading lady, which is usually thin. She’s curvy, a word nerd, and charmingly lovely. I just cringe whenever there’s this musical thing popping out of the scene.


I have started to be 30 when December 1 hits the clock. Everything changed. It’s like a rampant, rapid heart-drumming moment that makes you realize your time as a youngin, or even as a pretend-youngin, is over. Feels like power.


This will be my most honest-to-goodness post so far, and it shares highlights of each year in my decade, which, I, unfortunately, boggled, since my birthday is such a puzzle. I mean, come on. Who gets older at the end of the year? Why wasn’t I born in 1986 instead?


My Eureka! of the week is a quote from Seth Godin. Courtesy of Jen a.k.a Nomad Manager.

In which feelings have led me into another Eureka! moment, which yet to have its full advent on me.


I never knew about Galaxy Gifts and I never would have, if I didn’t scoot around to know more about my Note 5. Ever since I got my beautiful, gorgeously gold phablet, I’ve been using Sketch Express for drawing, but it was such a bloke (limited 3 layers of use, limited brushes, premium app of course, requires a hefty pay). Then there it was, Art Rage, which was a free app to complement the S Pen’s magnificent usability, and the best part? It comes in a full, deluxe mode for free! Now I’m drawing all day long.

And last, I leave you with this lovely little inspiration:

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