I am damned if I peek through, one more time, back on these legion of online shopping sites I’ve been hovering into these past few days. Let’s face it: Christmas is coming; we want to give gifts, but on that note, we will have to be broke, and that’s not a good part. After turning things over my head, I jumped off and made that purchase on Thursday; not actually something to be proud of, but I am glad to give something to my aunts. I don’t have plans for the little kids; maybe, candy? As for my uncles and male cousins, I am crossing my fingers my brother could buy something for them.

Anyways, let’s not talk about pocket-holes and what-nots, even if it’s something I have, literally (blame my moth eaten tees and shorts). Early this morning, before breakfast, I gave my two dogs a bath as a Northeastern Wind treat (and for them to feel neat and happy, although Chiba, the spitz, doesn’t want to be brushed. Such a cuddly, naughty white dog). Now having breakfast on my desk, and the breadcrumbs are seeping through my keyboard chiclet holes (hah) and I wonder if there’s a colony of ants in there.


Of course, the first tweet of the week is for the guy I am gushing over, in an unreadable language for the commonfolk.

And speaking of gush, I also watched Cinderella for the first time, and I adored a few things, namely Lily’s brow, the gold and blue palettes, and, um, this:


I was trying to recall what happened this week, and I remembered Healer (and another drama favorite, Punch) happened to me this year. So off I trotted and watched a few episodes back. I just cannot with the Michael Learns to Rock song ringing repetitively inside my head. Such a catchy tune, but really, the cheesiness gripes me out!


Some kind of inner war is happening inside my stomach.


Guilty look here. But I tell you, it’s not for me!


Oh, the woes of a single thirty-aged person this winter season!

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