It was late 2014 when I started writing poems in this blog, just a great avenue for me to put out all my emotional and intellectual vents, because there was a lot of time for me to muse rather than move, and it was fun. However, it was also, around that moment, when Annie Stoll, associate art director at Sony, found me and my poems and asked if I’d “want to join them” in their Kickstarter venture, featuring feminism and courage and of course, lots of sword-weilding themes in 1001 Knights. I shan’t say no, and I’m glad I didn’t.


1001 Knights took an entire year in the making, touching base with 250 artists in both lines and words, making each page profoundly relevant to the cause: for the female demographic to discover their fire and keep it, to fight back when necessary, to not be inside their little black holes and come out into the world as victorious as a man would be.

Along with Kevin Jay Stanton, Annie taps into different artists of different cultures and different styles. It grew to a legion, and now, the single-piece book has grown into a trilogy, a must-have for any art enthusiast, because nothing can be awesome-r that art created by heart, given voluntarily. I have seen some of the artworks during their work-in-progress uploads, and I could not be more than excited to see them shining in print!

My contribution was a measly set of poetry, a break from the colors and adventures and romance each illustrated tale possess, but I feel proud to be in the same book-project as many amazing artists in their shining, shimmering league. The roster includes comics by Victoria Ying (with words by Jonathan Ying), Ryan North (featuring the art of Kevin Jay Stanton), Steven Universes’ Steven Sugar, DC’s Kekai Kotaki and Archie Comics’ Alice Meichi Li.

There are many more, and the whole bunch is listed right here, with their emblems aglow. And to give you more idea about the project, let me give you some snippet:

1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones. Over the course of 3 volumes, 250+ artists explore themes about what it means to be a knight and what makes for a strong character through illustration, comics, poetry, and prose. The artists involved have worked long and hard to create meaningful art that will uplift and inspire readers. 1,001 knights will be represented between all 3 volumes, including fictional characters and the contributing artists.

This project is curated and created by Kevin Jay Stanton (Illustrator, curator of FEZZINE, artist for the Signature Shakespeare series) and Annie Stoll (Grammy Nominated Art Director, Year 85 Group creator and illustrator of the comic Ode). Kevin and Annie met on the wonderful world of Twitter and have spent many an evening chatting about unicorns, lady knights, and impossible dreams. They have been working on curating, creating, and herding 250+ artist cats for 1001 Knights for over a year and are extremely excited and proud to put this set of books out into the world.

The artists of 1001 Knights are illustrators, cartoonists, designers, animators, authors, poets and more! Many of the artists are award-winning and acclaimed in their own right and have done work for such companies as Disney, BOOM!, Archer/FX, Nickelodeon, Sony, Cartoon Network, Marvel, IDW, Archaia, Hiveworks and Lucasfilm. Several 1001 Knights artists have won or been nominated for Eisners, Harveys, Ignatz, Junos and Grammys to name a few.  The anthology is bursting at the seams with a ton of extremely talented up-and-coming artists to look out for too!  All the artists in this anthology have put a lot of hard work into crafting not only visually stunning, but thought-provoking and diverse characters.

It took an entire year to finish the whole project, for makers ensured that the time is right, and that artists will be able to showcase their best visuals. With this, I ask you to take a jaunt at our official website, take in the amazing message the project sends, and perhaps, if there’s a nice twanging in your heart-chord, you’ll be one with us in making this trilogy possible!

To give you a preview, here are some of the artists’ works:

You definitely need to see more! Take this jump to our Kickstarter page and backup this awesomesauce of a project!