One, I am envious. The life of a rock star: traveling around the world, meeting people, touching hearts of unknown strangers yet you’ve been intimate to them in ways you could not ever imagine. What a wonderful life to live. Of course, minus long bus tours, lack of toilets and your friends ganging up on you to take your worst picture.

Two, I am full. Pizza. Three slices, stuffed crust. It was when I realized that the Italian flavor I’m looking for was nowhere in my taste buds. I was thinking the delivery guy gave us the wrong box. Any move outside and I’m like, “Kuya, ‘di mo na pwedeng kunin ‘to. Kinagatan ko na!” Things like that.

Three. I’m almost, almost, almost done with my novel’s skeleton, whose title I am yet uncertain but there will be a title. And there are many revelations. I love slice-of-life stories.And fiction. Add to that unruly plot holes. Fun!

Four. I tweeted the whole week. Care to see what I have been doing?


A bit of unwanted hangover from last weekend’s misfortune. Starting anew isn’t easy, though.


Revived my LINE because 1.) I needed a secret space to vent out and 2.) it’s not so secret.


The best way to describe the current one I’m using is this:


I’m sorry, but I think I wheedled some of my favorite people to listen to my random, crazy ideas and watch let it fall to dust.


Ask Toru. Good dream, though.


Saw Taka’s fan-captured performance of Wherever You Are in their Hong Kong stop, and I am so proud to be an admirer of him. Totally kind of him to pay attention to the fan that fainted, and he was in control of the moment like a boss!


My mistake. The acoustic guitar was a giveaway. I now have high hopes for the Manila leg of their 35XXV Asia tour. Hoping my brother’s leg heals by that time, though. No infections, please.

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