Do not be attached. Run. Keep away from strings.

Seasons will always change, prepare for variation.

Always start with yourself. Do not point fingers.

You are in the center of gravity; stand, don’t fall. If you do, grope the dust with your palms.

Make sure to take something with you, but leave a big room for more to come.
Name your anchor hope, fling one at all times. The world is a criminal, but every criminal has a heart. Hearts are good things.

Nice isn’t always kind. Scream when necessary. Tears heal.  Remain honest. It is your gift to humankind. Flesh is a soft material.

Do not be scared of bruises. Fear is the most dangerous thing in the universe. Remember, you have bones.

Jump. Let go. The wind is your friend.
When you drop, the water will catch you. Learn to swim.
No one will save you; be your own knight. You are not helpless.

Jupiter and Venus co-exist with you in light-years. You are not alone.
We are worlds of our own and we are worlds of someone else’s. Emotions are illusions.
Being is a choice; it lasts longer. You can always change.

Death happens in a blink of an eye. Your clock stops. Avail of your every second. You can’t buy it back.

Some things are pointless. Stop waiting. Move.