Here I am, at my desk this Saturday morning, snagging my first working moments of the day before I finally get on with my chapter continuum. So far so good; I’m actually dwindling and going astray from the main plots as smaller details lead me to another bend. Now, if there’s anything exciting in this world, it’s a story trying to make itself up! I’d have to say writers are wanderers, perhaps far more than their actual feet can take them. To get lost, to get found again—I look forward to this foreboding long journey in hoping that the end result is a good present to readers and story lovers like me.

Reality, however, is far different. Here is mine this week.


It is obvious that I have referenced my characters from my current favorite people. However, I’m afraid of liking them too much for my writing’s good.


Hit by the lazy bug during my female-exclusive monthly struggles.


1001 Knights just got funded DOUBLE! I tell you guys, this project is worth the look, and the love! Go and discover more of it at

This is a hard-striking question.


For my Toruka heart:

Also, some GREAT news!!!!


Raising the glass to all who’s single and lonesome


Me right now:

Sometime this week, I’ve downloaded a Kanji study app which allows me to go back to my 日本語 lessons way, way back then. I’m fairly good at reading Kana, but the more complex characters, no. I can remember a few, surprisingly, at the back of my memories, and hopefully I get to memorize more to gear up for that long-wanted trip to Nara. Which happens someday soon, right after this novel work is finished. Wish me luck. For both.