Cheat day. I know, I know, it’s Monday, but it’s a different kind of Monday—the 29th of February, one that comes only once after 4 years. Since it’s rare and unusual, rules are pretty much bendable, I so declare, which is why I think it’s just apt to wrap up the month with a closing post, despite not being a weekend. You’ll just have to overlook this and forgive me in my future heresies. There will be a plenty, I promise.


I hardly remember anything about February, other than finally returning to my manuscript, and the successful promotion and funding of 1001 Knights—which, by the way, just drew a hundred or more artists together, all around the world, each of us thriving on Twitter. I was there in the final moments when Kickstarter finally declares the project funded, and even though I only had a very, very small part in it, for me, it was such a big thing. The reason for the anthology’s formation was all about artists and a very human cause, and to just be a part of it—boy, I’m so grateful. I actually miss the #1001Knights hashtag already. The feeling of just supporting and retweeting each other’s works and words was just phenomenal. I hope we all can do this every day!

Well, my manuscript just got through its first draft—meaning, the whole plot’s been told, in a harum-scarum manner, not the type to be ready by others, because it’s pretty straightforward. A pass or two would be necessary, but I realized Chapter 1 would be a hard climb—that’s when I begin narrating snippets of the story in a fun, balanced manner, without giving it all in. But after that, I somehow got the bravado to move on to the next. I realized that writing chapters doesn’t happen all at once. You have to give it a break, allow inspiration to come and tease you, then open up the computer and start slapping your hands on the keyboard. It’s honestly a new experience for me, especially now that I have decided to let others read my work too!

Speaking of work, novel writing took much of myself that I resorted to have as little tasks as possible. But then I realized that there are bills to pay and things to buy and things to save up on, so I shouldn’t ignore my financial standing either. Right now, a few nice clients have approached me for a lending hand, and I pray that I find a few people who’d find my work suitable for their needs, because, after all, writing must be done with passion and purpose, and I want to devote those hours purely to those who trust me for their content.

If there’s a thing, or two, or more, that I should be thankful for this month, one of them will have to include my newly made study group in our mission church. We started last, last Sunday and it all went well, giving me inspiration to relay hard-to-tackle topics (for girls 12 and so) in a fun manner. I used to think my days of teaching is over, but then I realized that I was just not willing to give myself, as I do now. I hope this study group stays. It feels so nice to teach young girls!

My devo time has never been more meaningful now that I started to write my novel. Somehow, I feel this authorship connection with the One who’s writing my story! After sending that final dot on Audrey’s story (which actually surprised me, by the way), I could just think of how God felt while He put that dot onto mine. I do hope He is happy with His work. Because I am!

Tomorrow is March 1, the third month of 2016, and I can’t believe how time passed so quickly. My feelings in a tweet:

Yep. I am getting older *sarcastic face, pointing out how I am ALREADY old* but I’d like to think that this is just the effect of nice things happening one after another. I don’t want to keep score, as it works something like a death wish, but I cannot pass this opportunity to show how thankful I am to the people I get to encounter, places I get to go and moments I got to live with these past two months. Tomorrow is a big change for me and for my family, and it’s another long journey especially for my brother, who just resigned from his work to take up another career. I know the feeling. I’ve been there. And right now, all I can do is to hang on tight and pray that he finds whatever his heart is looking for, very, very soon.