A.k.a. Sunday of Little Things. It’s Easter, and it’s a merry one for us, for many good reasons. I had to wake up earlier than the usual, which entirely meant not sleeping at all, but who needs sleep, right? I’m living the dreamer life, and dreamers don’t sleep.

Had a sudden slump at my novel-writing because I’m still exploring my main hero, whom I must fall in love with, again, in order to write his story with such earnestness and truth, and make him as loveable as the villain. Because as of this moment, the villain took my breath away. Oh, I’m not supposed to tell that, right? No? Yes? I just did.

My nights are spent with me scribbling and scribbling and making backstories to re-discover my characters’ motives. No, this is not a good novel. It’s just a remnant of my old writer dreams when I was 20-ish, and I wanted to give myself that favor: to have an age-long story written so my heart could finally shut up and move on. I am intent on finishing this, sometime this 2016, and if you’d want to check out my words (trust me, it’s not short and sweet), please let me know and I’ll give you access to my beta reading group. I can only send you hugs and a first glimpse to my young, dreamy, band-life whims.

Onwards today: had a breakfast segue with Miko and Wina, the latter whom I have not seen for two months after December. It was awfully nice, because we chatted recently and were talking about church, faith and stuff, a lot of complaints, but we always end up with the same expression: SIGH, and the knowledge of accepting things just as is. It’s plain human nature to always look for something more, but God is teaching us to just take things without a grumble. And, to be honest, it’s rare to have things go our way, but it’s through these trials we learn endurance, patience, compassion, love and joy. That’s where the indescribable peace comes from.

I’m so happy we walked to McD’s! Miko mentioned something about a headache, and I’m afraid she must have in a daze as we got through a kilometer or something to the place. I missed walking with people, with stories, really, and a good sign we’re close to the heart is when we take long walks together.

It was a sudden call, but Miko emotionally hostaged me used her puppy eyes and I blurted a yes, and it turned out to be a random, lovely little thing. I just don’t get it: people in their late 20s and 30s, when coming together, talk about marriage, and it’s a cringe-worthy topic because none of us is a relationship expert.

Had to leave early because my family and I are off to our little mission church, NV9, to celebrate Easter. The sky cooperated and it was a lovely, chilly, less-sunny day, and so the atmosphere was pleasant, in that little room, and so were the hearts. We had many testimonies and my pastor-dad was lit, speaking from a father to fathers, encouraging them to be inspiring heads of their families. Our service ended with eggs, literally, and though the kids wasn’t able to hunt them (the place is pretty murky and leaving food at corners isn’t a good idea), they had fun.

We took a stop at a mall only to buy ice cream, but we took a long way home, unknowingly, three times. What should be 15 minutes took us an hour and a half. The only advantage: I got my food stock for a week or two, mom renewed her points card, and we discovered a rather long route back to our subdivision.

My gown for Ate Kaye’s wedding arrived, and it’s LOVELY. It’s simple and silver but nothing speaks more than a sophisticated, classy dress. Had a chance to try it on and it fits like a glove. I was never the formal-wearing person except when obliged (as said in the invitation), but my cousin’s wedding is special, just because she is. I remember looking up to her as my role model when I was young, imitating her from her clothes to her favorite color, until I found my own.


At this point, I was supposed to say sorry, that I’m beat, and that I have no remarkable words to render how remarkable day this was, but that would be stupid, right? And that would be un-writer-ish. So I’ll just tell you that I’m thankful. I’m thankful, so far, for the things that happened and the things that didn’t. The entire week was rather a struggle for me, but ending here, on Easter Sunday, reminds me that, if God has overcome death, we can overcome anything. It may take longer than three days, but I’m so willing to wait it out.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. And I know tomorrow will be good.