After making a hurried ending off my 2nd draft just in time for March 31st, I’m back at ground zero for my 3rd pass, which just looked like my first draft but a bit enlightened. Things have expounded, thanks to the many possibilities opened up by the second draft, and guess what: I finally have a band name! It’s unique, simple, childish-y, and very down to earth, and I think I’d like to keep things this way. Because I have learned a lot about my characters, I think I am in a good position to write about them. So watch out for it this year, guys! I’m totally invested in this piece.


I do think this little typography is appropriate.

Now that the first quarter of the year is over, it’s high time for fist-clenching and knuckle-clonking. We’ve all got a lot of work to do, but I’m happy to tell you that so many things are blooming in the background, and the things we do now are probably just seeds for the future. And so, I guess, despite my excitement for my novel to be read and liked, I do think it needs a few more time to ripen for everyone to get the sweetest taste of it. I’m not in a hurry. I think I just want to sow as many seeds as I can and watch them grow one by one.

I actually thought I could be a bonsai artist, if I have a chance, and make a store for plants.

Anyways! On to my week:


Featuring the face of my adorable summery Spitz, Chiba


Says she to he, and this changes everything.


‘Tis the sad truth

I believe this.


Medyo panira pero eye-opening.

Also, a reminder:


I did something really, really wrong…

But, oh victory!

April came and met me like a wonderful ray of sunshine, brimming with so many hopes and warmth, and getting me back on track after wandering in the forest of my own selfishness. I have said this before and I’ll say this again; I had little expectations about what life throws at me now, but I do have expectations of myself. Things I should do. Things I should not. Things I should prioritize and things I should let go. In this new month, things are being placed back to their proper order, and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful, because by my own eyes I see our long-planted seedlings bloom, and I am more inspired to plant more. Cheers, all.