For this week, my novel-writing project included making mood boards and illustrating scenes and characters on my not-so-handy-dandy notebook. Wrote a bit, drew a bit, did things a bit, and took the rest of the day suffering from my monthly cramps AND the blazing heat of summer, both arriving at the same time, unwelcomed.

I’ve been writing chapters since February, but this April, I’ve decided to take a big change and go on character exploration instead. I realized I have been focused on the plot, but hardly knew the people I’ve been writing about. Here now, I’m daydreaming about the settings, how their rooms looked, what they loved wearing, and their strange hobbies. So far, I’ve unearthed a few discoveries. I want to give you a full story, even if it’s not going to be published mainstream. My mind’s been flying about, and people at home can tell, because 1.) no one could talk to me and I hardly replied to any text or call (I’m a writer snob, my bad) and 2.) you know the feeling when you’re out, getting a glass of milk, while mumbling over the first sentences you’ll use to introduce a certain scene.

This is my way of planting dreams, everyone. By words. Now let’s begin with the tweets.


My mom & grandma’s birthday!


Seryoso ako.


Thanks to I am Sam, I’m now on a search for indie-rock music.


I am one with those clamoring for compassion, kindness and justice.



Shut up and let me be.


Thank you, Mapi. You died this time last year, just before we went to Amsterdam. Thank you for loving us and sticking with us all your life. I want to love my two four-pawed boys with that kind of warm, satisfying love.

I mustn’t forget: my past is a seed that blossoms today, and in order to grow a better, joyful future, I must plant well today.