Sweet, sweet, Saturday. I started working on a new project this week and I only realized how easier it is for me to write when I’ve got a good editorial calendar prepared beforehand. Yes, I must admit; I used to be that writer who comes unprepared, who’s always waiting for the spur of the moment to come up with something good. Me being an adult propels me to properdom, and that includes preparation. Like a soldier, a writer must carefully do some inspection, jot down notes, and know how to attack. I’ve been on inspection lately, and I’m excited to make those attacks, because somehow, I’m confident my words will get across.


I have also learned the beauty of keeping my mouth shut. People have told me that words have power, and that declaration is one step near the goal. But lately, whenever I say I’m gonna do this, I end up the other way around. This, by the way, is not a pessimist talking. I just want the secret bubble up inside me and propel me until such time I’m already there.

Meanwhile, may these tweets give you a hint:


What did I just say?


I made coffee! For myself! After many years of not drinking coffee! Is this good or bad?



Also, Lanie (@aathelioness) sent me this picture and it’s too precious not to post it BECAUSE TORU


I remember: the reason why I hate beautiful guys is because I wanted to be a beautiful guy so many years ago. Not gay, by the way, but, um, the feeling of making girls swoon (like exactly how I am swooning at them as of the moment) is one of the greatest. Things. Ever. Gwapo eh.


I have adult-ed!


The so-near-yet-so-far feeling. /crushed

I just broke my non-procrastination vows and I trotted off to buy a few of my summer essentials. Last night, for the first time, I studied make-up and it was SO FUN! Good heavens, I hope I don’t fall into the deep pit that is make-up obsession because painting my face is just as enjoyable as making an illustration! I hope to be good at it so I can be a make-up artist + be a stylist + take photos + create illustrated portraits the soonest.

Cheers! x, C.