May 31, a.k.a., the last hurrah. I’m done with keeping scores. The clouds are gray, the sun is blistering hot, and my fan is off because it’s supposed to be lunch time, but here I am, sitting on my desk, trying to write one final piece for this blog before this month ends. Also, that was a very long sentence. Don’t do that, kids. It’s not fun to read a mouthful.


Unless you’re on my blog. This is my blog. A blog full of my pictures and drawings and things I’ve thrown at life whenever life throws something at me. It’s a give and take. Nothing is meant to settle. That’s what my anxieties are all about. Lately, I had less.

I have been sane. Do I get a hurray? First off, I’ve had a grand time writing my way through the story, and I’m down at Chapter 9. Not bad. You see, I’ve been trying to polish my narration, because this time, I’m creating a draft for you. Something you’ll read. Something you’ll enjoy. And preferably, squeal with me because my heroes are legit crack. I love each and every one of them.

If there’s anything I can be proud of, it’s the creation of a potential design venture called Caris Creates (Things). Because, set deep inside my heart, I’m all about the arts too. It has been among my first loves. Lines and words go together. I can live in two different worlds at the same time, and juggle two different responsibilities because one is not enough. One won’t make my brain quiet. So here I am, hoping and praying that I get that nod from God, telling me this is the right direction to go. Because believe me, I’ll go all the way with it.

You’d want to see the Facebook Page and Instagram? Awesome.

One thing I did by the end of May: change this blog’s layout. Thank God for Creative Market and the amazing designers at Aura Themes. There’ll be about a hundred of us sporting a new blog theme, thanks to this free goody. Hats off to you. That’s $39 saved.

I don’t remember much this month, except that I did my work in all areas (freelance and ministry wise), and did it well. I started to hate mediocre. I have been telling myself that, if it doesn’t resound perfectly in my heart, I’m not through. It has to be perfect. I like the idea of pushing myself because nobody else would. I am a stubborn horse.

One client said goodbye to me this month, but I am looking forward to new people to work with. These are my adventures. I hope I get to meet the right people who need my writing abilities. Matching talent is like finding a good date.

Oh well. Dates. What do I know?

Today is a Tuesday and I just realized that many nice things in my life happened on a Tuesday. I know it’s not just Tuesday, but isn’t it nice to have a day to look forward to, like every week?

Tomorrow is a new day. That seems like an augmented thought, but hey, that’s a fact.

See you all in June! x, C.