I decided to write a Week in Tweets post. This week deserved it. If it were alive, I would give it a pat on the head.

First off, I made a brand new spiffy Facebook page for my arts and whatnots, Caris Creates Things. You can go and visit the page here or easily connect with me by liking it through my blog’s widget. Cool, huh? I’m so excited to share my new stuff. I’ve been thinking of re-opening my mailing list, so please sign up for my TinyLetter account if you want to receive a love note from me. It’s going to be blurb-y, but I’ll make it worth your time / wink


I’ve also started to migrate my art and lettering to another Instagram page, Caris Creates (I just discovered that there’s a real person using this name, and my apologies if I used this first). Please, please, please follow my art IG! Head on to this page and see what’s in store for you.

Today is the first death anniversary of my grandma, and I and the family went by the cemetery to drop by some flowers. We also had a breakfast-and-bonding thing at some fast-food even though I am #TeamNoLigo. WELL, I’VE BEEN UP SINCE 6 AM AND IT WAS SO EARLY.

Meanwhile, this week…


Said with an eye roll and a sarcastic voice


You guys have to guess which of my *super cool* cousins it is


If ever this book comes out and this draft remains the same, please feast your eyes and feelings on Chapters 6-7.


I woke up on that side of the bed where new Instagram accounts must be made, just for the fun of it.


Was wearing my “Go away, I’m busy” face while staring at ONE OK ROCK’s Toru


Laugh tweet of the day

It’s been almost an entire month since I made my last Week in Tweets and frankly, I missed this blog. I, however, am in the middle of my adulting, and had to juggle a few responsibilities and leisures for my future. Thank you for still visiting. Promise, after these things are done and dealt with, I’m going to make you proud.

x, C.